About Chessiecap

An Investment Bank Prepared to Achieve Your Goals

Chessiecap delivers highly customized financial solutions and advice for U.S. growth and technology companies seeking expert support at transformational periods in their business lifecycle.

Our leadership team earned their stripes on Wall Street and has closed hundreds of transactions over their careers. As a result, there is scarcely a structure or situation we’ve not encountered.

Above all, we understand the risks and potential rewards of each assignment and know how to seamlessly guide you to the best end result.

Why Choose Chessiecap as Your Partner?

We bring founders, business owners and CEOs of emerging and mid-sized companies the same level of expertise and service typically accessible only to larger enterprises. Here are a few more reasons to have Chessiecap at your side.

Preparing You to Win

During negotiations, the other side looks for what you don’t know — or don’t even know to ask — to take advantage of any weakness that creates. 

We keep your position strong by anticipating what’s coming and preparing you to respond to situations before they inevitably happen. 

By ensuring that you know what to expect and what solutions the other side will accept, we speed your timeline and likelihood of success. In fact, past clients have half-jokingly asked if we have a crystal ball. We don’t. What we do have is insight gained from negotiating every scenario imaginable. Insight you will have too.

Increasing the Value of Your Company

Our team is expert at telling your story and positioning your company for sale or a capital investment in a way that increases its value, attracts the right buyers/investors and delivers the result you deserve.

Connecting You with Growth Opportunities

When seeking capital, you need investment bankers with access to the right professional private equity investors. When selling, you need a team capable of connecting you with leading players. We specialize in introducing promising companies to the most important names in their industries and to the highest levels of the financial markets.

Providing Candid Strategic Advice

We help you achieve your goals whether a deal is imminent or not. The fact that clients then select us when a future transaction does arise is proof of the effort we invested before there was any guarantee of a return.

Taking Care of Your People

You’re not only responsible for your company’s future and your own but also those who work for you. As a relationship-oriented firm ourselves, we see beyond the deal to the larger impact of your decisions, including the care of your people.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Brad Harries

“The transactions we facilitate mean everything to our clients — nothing short of the financial security of their families. The responsibility to provide my best advice is what drives me; and being re-hired the next time they need guidance is the most meaningful validation I could receive.”

Doug Schmidt

“Nothing is more satisfying than helping a company plot a growth strategy and then grab the brass ring. But while I love the strategic aspect, my greatest strength is building trust. This ability is the secret sauce that enables me to secure the best price and terms for our clients.”

a proper reward

for taking a lifetime of risk

Our purpose is to ensure you receive the outcome you deserve for growing your company to where it is today. What we promise is the top-tier guidance and advice required to successfully complete the most challenging of transactions between human beings — selling, buying or investing in a company.

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