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The Advantage You Need in High-Stakes Negotiations

If you’re like most CEOs and business owners, selling your company is a once-in-a-lifetime event — one that puts everything you’ve worked for on the line.

To close your transaction under the best terms possible, it is crucial to have experience and expertise on your side. After all, the buyers you’ll be negotiating with do multiple deals each year and you must have a team capable of going toe-to-toe with them. 

Chessiecap thoroughly prepares you to sell, finding ideal buyers and positioning your company to assure you walk away with the reward you deserve.  

For companies seeking to bolster business lines or solidify your market position, we bring an unequalled skillset for identifying and closing the right deal for achieving your growth goals.

In short, no matter what type of M&A scenario you’re about to enter, we make sure you’re on rock-solid footing, prepared for anything and at the advantage.

Our Experience in Detail

Chessiecap presents high-potential growth and middle market companies to major industry players and acquirers, bringing top-tier opportunities to those largely ignored by Wall Street. As a FINRA-registered broker-dealer, we’re also assist public companies and or any company where the transaction might have a public stock component.

Our team’s experience is wide and deep and includes selling private companies, representing larger public or private companies in spinoffs and divestitures, providing liquidity events for owners and shareholders, securing small acquisitions and otherwise advising companies on equity transactions.

We also have unique expertise working with closely-held and family-held businesses, navigating transitions and generational challenges by assisting owners in sales and ESOP conversions.

Our M&A Process Maximizes Your Transaction Value

A proven and well-run process executed by an experienced transaction professional is the best predictor of success and your greatest asset. The process we bring strengthens your position at every step and never forgets that deals are done between people.

Step 1: Transaction Planning

  • Determine M&A strategy
  • Develop exceptional presentations and back-up materials
  • Develop a definitive list of buyers, detail their strengths, weaknesses and strategic fit and prioritize
The transaction materials we prepare will sell passionately based on facts, not hype. Every document from the executive summary to the presentation will tell the same story in a compelling and increasingly detailed way.

Step 2: Outreach &
Process Management

  • Make direct, personal contact with appropriate decision makers
  • Drive initial management meetings
  • Maintain a tight, confidential process
Buyer’s demand discipline and a poorly run process only breeds disinterest and distrust. We provide the tight control your buyers want to see.

Step 3: Selection

  • Determine levels of interest
  • Maintain momentum and coordination
  • Answer all objections and questions
  • Drive additional management meetings and due diligence
  • Solicit bids and select with astute discernment the right acquirer
No company will spend millions without learning every detail, good or bad, about your company. We believe knowledge creates credibility with the buyer and delivers a price you can trust.

Step 4: Negotiation

  • Coordinate final due diligence
  • Facilitate management chemistry
  • Create deadlines and urgency
  • Finalize terms and agreement
The process gets the price. Only when a buyer truly believes in the opportunity and trusts the seller will he accept the seller’s reasonable terms.

Step 5: Closing

  • Legal documentation
  • Close and transfer funds
M&A is one of the most complex efforts in business, because it involves not only products, markets and operations, but also egos and personalities, often of entrepreneurs and founders. There is only one measure of success — a closed deal. This is why it’s essential to choose a firm and a deal maker with a proven record of success.

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