The Intersection of Technology Innovation and Real Estate

The traditional real estate industry is the largest asset class in the U.S., exceeding the debt and equity markets combined. Yet it’s been notoriously slow to adopt technology into its processes and procedures. 

This is changing fast.

With a new guard of entrepreneurially oriented professionals taking the lead, a wave of technology companies are positioning to serve the needs of the real estate market.

Formerly called Real Estate Technology, this rapidly developing industry has created sub-categories such as ConstructionTech, as well as sub-segments of FinTech to specifically address the financing of real estate (MortgageTech). 

In short, technology now plays a role in all facets of real estate.

Helping PropTech Companies Achieve Growth Capital Goals

At various stages, PropTech business owners are deciding whether to continue as an independent company, grow through acquisition or cash out to a buyer who has the resources to take the product and company to new heights.

Chessiecap brings the full array of corporate finance services that emerging and innovative growth companies need to inform these critical decisions. 

Our progressive knowledge of the sector, ability to identify the right investors or strategic partners, and understanding of the subtle advantages that make your PropTech company unique, all enable Chessiecap to give your company the edge over the ever-growing list of competitors.

Why Chessiecap

As one of the first investment banking firms to recognize this transformational period in the real estate market, Chessiecap seized the opportunity to develop domain expertise in all segments of the PropTech industry.

Our early participation in CREtech conferences (before they exploded into multiday events with thousands of participants), gave us access to thought leaders and an accurate perspective on where the industry is going, including the challenges and opportunities on the horizon for PropTech business owners.

In other words, we are significantly ahead of the curve in understanding and serving PropTech.

Areas of Focus

Cybersecurity & National Defense

Global Development/USAID & State Department

Government Communications & Internet Infrastructure

Education & Health Care

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