Government Services

Chessiecap's Government Services practice is led by Doug Schmidt, an early proponent of the current era of government services investment banking with scores of public and private transactions to his credit. All of our Chessiecap professionals have experience in the government market, and each brings his own expertise to bear in Communications, Education, Healthcare Services and IT.


Security products and services

Education companies that serve government markets

International development/USAID & State Department

Software and complex, high value added services

Government Communications and Internet Infrastructure companies

Today, there are a dozen or more investment banking shops focused on the government market. Most market one product—M&A sales to the likely suspects. What distinguishes Chessiecap's approach to the Government Services market is our focus on creating wealth and value. We provide consulting services to grow companies, raise capital, and advance strategies to improve revenues and profitability. Only when the timing is optimal do we recommend a final M&A solution.

Chessiecap also brings a unique understanding of commercial markets and software strategies to our government clients. This has been particularly useful and successful with government-focused companies that contain advanced technology such as our Cyber and Intelligence Community clients.