Communications & Media

Lucrative Opportunities for Companies Driving Innovation

Buyers and investors are regularly looking for innovative technology — especially technology developed by communications or media companies that are disrupting markets. Buyers also seek out these same companies as a way to drive product extensions, enter new markets, reach key customers or acquire advanced technologies.

With decades of experience in the Communications & Media sector, Chessiecap’s partners have established deep and longstanding relationships with executives and professional investors in all sub-sectors, with special emphasis on telecommunications and enterprise networking.

Why Chessiecap

Our ability to provide niche players with strategic advice and access to larger industry participants seeking growth opportunities is what sets Chessiecap apart in the Communications & Media sector.

We understand the subtleties of market positioning and competitive differentiation in grabbing the attention of investors and buyers. Beginning with identifying and showcasing what's unique about your business, and then aligning you with the right partner or investor for achieving your goals.

Areas of Focus

Big Data Analytics
& Social Media

Secure Defense Communications

Unified Communications

Data Center Expansion
& Vendors/Suppliers

Specialty Communications,
Contact Centers &
Cloud Communications

Wireless & Wireline Infrastructure & Engineering

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