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Leverage the Right Opportunity at the Right Time

Technology has a lifecycle, and it can be challenging to ascertain the right time to capitalize on the years of work you’ve put into planning the trajectory and success of your company.

As a business owner or CEO in the IT Services & Software sector, you need an ally who understands the growth dynamics in your company, how to measure them and, most importantly, how to value the whole business.

Chessiecap specializes in bringing promising opportunities, like those your business can offer, to larger companies seeking to build a national sales network and which have the resources to accelerate your growth.

Why Chessiecap

Chessiecap’s partners have built their careers around working with growth companies in information technology services and underlying software. We know how institutions and strategic buyers think and what their hurdle rates are. Above all, we have the deep resources required to represent you at the most sophisticated level possible.

Because positioning your company correctly is crucial for obtaining the highest value and terms in a transaction, Chessiecap’s partners will never simply describe your company to the market. Rather, we define and highlight your most fundamental and valuable growth drivers, presenting your company in a fact-based manner that demonstrates realizable yet aggressive projections to buyers and investors.

Areas of Focus

Traditional Information Technology Services

Internet & Cloud Support

Business Process & Compliance Software



Enterprise Software Verticals (health care, education & communications)

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